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The Following Characteristics Are Desired In An Article:


We will not publish any content that has been distributed in any other form previously. We don’t like being your second choice, and Google doesn’t like it when we duplicate content on our site.


Articles that are well-researched, comprehensive, and at least 500 words long are what we are looking for.

Practical Advice And Hints

We are looking for useful advice and key points that our audience can immediately put into practice. Having said that, make use of theory, research, and science to support the claims you make in your article and to make it more comprehensive. Always include links to credible sources that back up what you’re saying and demonstrate that you did your research.

Real-Life Examples

Give the readers the benefit of your experience and illustrate the point with specific examples. The majority of the time, the most valuable contribution to your article will be made by your experiences and the distinctive stance that you take.

Logical Structure

Pay close attention to the structure, and make sure that your train of thought is clear and simple to follow at all times. Every article ought to have an opening paragraph, a primary body, and a concluding paragraph. When you are writing, you should always explain why you are mentioning a particular idea or concept and how it helps you answer the question that was posed in the headline.

Reader-Friendly Formatting

We want articles that are simple to skim through, so they should have short paragraphs, clear headlines and sub-headlines, bulleted lists, images, and other elements. Reading only the headlines should be sufficient for the reader to gain an understanding of the most important takeaways from the piece.

Proper Grammar

Before you send us your article, run it through Grammarly (it’s free!), ask a friend, or look online for a freelance proofreader to review and edit it.

I Beg You, Please Don’t Pitch:

• Subjects that have previously been discussed in this space (our blog)

• Everything that is excessively promotional

• Articles are written with the sole intention of obtaining a backlink

• Articles of a more general “how to be more productive” variety.

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