Anti Fatigue Mat Studies That Show They Work

It is difficult to believe that all new tech is making incredible claims. Some products that appear to be bargains turn out to be nothing but junk, further confusing us.

Many products claim to make your standing more comfortable. They are not all created equal. There are many options, even among styles, that are more efficient.

Anti-fatigue mats work to help you decide if they are worth it.

Why Should Clinical Trials Be Trusted?

People find it difficult to believe the results of studies, especially when they are biased, disproven, or too generalized. Although some “studies” are doubtful, those published in scientific journals have been rigorously controlled to ensure they are not rogue.

Each study must meet a set of criteria to ensure that clinical trials results can be considered factual.

1. Based On Research From The Past

This includes justifying the use and effectiveness of interventions and treatments, as well as the existence and significance of the problem being studied.

2. Relevant Samples Of Sufficient Size

Clinical trials are done on a large enough sample and close enough to the population of interest so that results can be generalized confidently.

3. Extraneous Variables Controlled

Any other variables that could have an effect on the results must be controlled in order to ensure that any study’s results are true.

4. Comparable To A Control Group

A control group is another way to ensure that results are caused by the item or action being tested. The control group will undergo the same trial as the experimental group but without the item.

Participants in an anti-fatigue mat study control group would either stand on the ground or a normal mat. To make the study blind, a normal mat would be preferred.

5. Blinded

Blinded clinical trials are the best because participants cannot fall for the placebo effect. A placebo effect occurs when participants believe they are receiving an intervention, such as an anti-fatigue mat or medicine. This causes them to perceive an outcome.

6. Peer-Reviewed

To ensure that each trial follows these rules and any other relevant ones, every report is reviewed by experts in the field.

7. Other Factors

This means they follow a different set of rules. Field studies, for instance, wouldn’t use random samples of the population of interest because participants would already be there.

The research process can be slow because of all the factors required for each study and each study building on its predecessors.

Anti-fatigue mats are designed to reduce discomfort and improve employee satisfaction.

Are Our Anti-Fatigue Mats Actually Effective?

The answer to the question, “Do anti-fatigue pads really work?” is always a resounding “YES!” Anti-fatigue mats have been shown to reduce pain after prolonged standing.

Anti-fatigue mats and waterhog mats are not only for warehouses. To improve employee well-being, office managers should consider standing tables with mats.

It is evident that anti-fatigue mats of high quality can make standing more comfortable and safer for those who have lower back pain or muscle fatigue.

Our team is happy to answer any questions you may have about anti-fatigue mats or their suitability for your space.

You can try anti-fatigue mats for free if you are still unsure. You can request a sample at your local retailer or locate one near you.