Online shopping: Personalizing customer shopping experiences for geometric sales growth

Many e-commerce platforms are looking for the best high-impact solution which can be used to elevate their general customer experience. The h-commerce strategy involves a platform that prioritizes the needs of the customer. They do this by providing excellent attention and personalization which today’s online shoppers crave so much.

This is a digital platform that makes it possible for both the remote online shopper to connect directly with an in-store product specialist. As a B2B strategy, it involves the use of sophisticated technology to help create personalized and one-on-one shopping experiences which is delivered through SMS.

The strategy behind the h-commerce process

The h-commerce strategy involves a leading B2B technology that revolutionizes the way brands enhance the shopping experiences of their customers.

There is a growing number of successful stories among many brands that have implemented human commerce and are blown away by the results. There are many major retailers such as Wine Enthusiast, Saucony, and TaylorMade that have successfully seen exponential growth in sales and revenue after successfully implementing the system. With human commerce, many online businesses and brands are adding value to their sales supply chain with an enhanced customer shopping experience.

H-commerce is a highly-personalized service that involves creating 0ne-to-one contact between online shoppers and product specialists. The good thing about h-commerce is the fact that it is scalable and efficient for the benefit of the customer. When it comes to the e-commerce company, the strategy can lead to astronomical sales and extreme profits for retailers.

The need for a human touch for e-commerce systems

Despite the dynamic nature of the e-commerce ecosystem, the process of online shopping is still largely a DIY activity. This means that customers are largely left on their own to make difficult decisions about the product they know nothing of. There is usually a high risk of customers choosing the wrong product. This does not create any long-term significant value for the customer especially when the product is wrongly applied. It is known that e-commerce has exploded astronomically to include a lot of digital solutions. However, the most important stage of the business (customer-product interaction) is still highly formulaic. There needs to be a human touch in the entire customer shopping experience.

Original providers of h-commerce systems available

As an h-commerce platform, providers like Get humankind help to democratize the entire shopping experience by offering valuable and streamlined services. Customers are provided with a customized product that deals with their challenges and problems.  This means providing shoppers with hand-selected recommendations. The good thing is that these solutions are proffered by product specialists and experts. It is used to create value and foster a durable and long-term business relationship. The system is driven by technology to provide streamlined results. With the use of SMSs, customized landing pages are created for individual shoppers. This provides shoppers with a new way to select products based on their needs or pain points.

H-commerce systems: An astronomical increase in sales

The implementation of h-commerce systems is a digitally driven solution that has a multiplier effect on all customers. It usually leads to an e-commerce ecosystem where customers and online shoppers are connected directly to experts through the e-commerce web store. Shoppers whether shopping with their phones or PCs will usually have an SMS text screen pop up when shopping online. This leads to a happy customer. They will usually come back for repeated business if the process works out. This successful shopping experience usually affects numerous customers. Thus, they will usually come back for repeated business. This will lead to increased sales conversion with astronomical revenue for the platform.