Here’s the ultimate HVAC maintenance checklist to help you get through falls.

Your HVAC system can be affected by sudden temperature changes. Your HVAC system can be put under a lot of strain by switching between heating and cooling all the time. This can lead to high energy bills and performance problems. This easy and effective HVAC maintenance checklist will ensure your HVAC is in top shape this fall.


Your system is likely to develop serious problems after you have used your air conditioner all summer. This type of HVAC problem can cause serious damage to your home and family. Freon or refrigerant can cause headaches, irritation of the eyes, ears, and throat, dizziness and vomiting, as well as chemical burns on the skin, nausea, and coughing.

A refrigerant leak is obvious when water pools below your unit. This problem should not be attempted on your own.

Duct Maintenance

Check your ducts to make sure there are no leaks. Check that all sections are connected properly and that there are no gaps between them. Schedule a full-service cleaning if it has been a while. This will improve indoor quality all through the winter.

Replace the air filters

If you have seasonal allergy sufferers in your family, it can be a problem to forget to change the HVAC filters. Filters that are clogged or dirty will not be able to perform their task properly and allow allergens like pollen, mold, dust, and pet dander to circulate through the house. Experts recommend that the filters be changed every 30 to 90 days.

Upgrade your HVAC system to use HEPA filters, or High-Efficiency Particulate Air filters, for better air filtration. This filter traps pollutants and provides allergy relief.

Adjust your thermostat

You can optimize your HVAC by setting your thermostat to adjust when you leave and arrive at home. To save energy, you can lower your thermostat setting in the fall when it is cooler. If your thermostat isn’t responding properly or doesn’t maintain the desired temperature, it may need to be replaced immediately.

Geothermal System Maintenance

Check your geothermal system for blockages and standing water. Refer to your owner’s manual. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Clear the area around the unit

It is important that there be enough clearance between the HVAC unit and the wall to allow air to flow freely. Do not store household items near your HVAC. Not only will it restrict airflow, but it can also cause a fire in your house.

Seal air leaks around the home

Sealing air leaks around your house is another way to make sure your HVAC runs efficiently. Your HVAC Plant Platforms system will have to work harder to maintain your home’s comfort levels if outside air is allowed to enter through cracks or gaps around doors and windows. This can lead to wear and tear on your HVAC system, as well as a rising energy bill.

Heat Pump Maintenance

If the fan motor is not sealed, make sure it’s clean.

When should you call for a new air conditioner installation?

Installing a new AC can be more affordable than having to pay for ongoing repairs. Talk to trusted local professionals about the many benefits associated with a new AC installation.