The Plumbing Myths That Need to End

Many people prefer to do the fixing and maintenance of the plumbing system of their homes themselves. It is beneficial to do the work yourself if you are an expert plumber otherwise your efforts will be wasted as the repairing work won’t be satisfactory. Many people believe certain things about plumbing that aren’t real facts. Thus, they land in trouble.

The professional plumbers Sydney region always strive to provide relief to their customers, who are facing pluming problems in their residential or commercial space. The WILCO plumbing service providers employ certified well-trained plumbers to fix and solve any plumbing issues. They have decades of experience to satisfy their customers with their effective services.

Here are the misconceptions about plumbing that need to be quashed-

  • There is no need to worry about the clogging of the drainage system till the water is flowing in them – It is a totally wrong way to judge as the flow of water may be slow because of debris, dust and oily matter sticking on the inner wall of the pipes. Slowly in a few days or months, you may realise the drainage is blocked totally. You can contact an experienced plumber to solve the drainage matter.


  • Leaking faucets aren’t much of trouble – Actually, they are as tons of water is wasted and thus your water and energy bill is sure to increase till you call a skilled plumber to fix the leaking faucet. If the leakage continues, it may spoil the whole function of the faucet, thus need to pay more for repairing the damaged faucet.


  • Usage of concentrated chemicals will help to clean the pipes and prevent clogging. It isn’t the whole truth as there are chances that the pipes are corroded and damage to pipes will cost you a hefty price to pay for repairing them. It is appropriate to use organic effective liquid to clear clogging of drains.


  • A plunger will soon unblock the drains. The blocked drains are always an issue for everyone. People try to find immediate handy solutions to end the problem. Some use concentrated chemicals like soda bi carbonate to wash down in the drains mixed in extremely hot water and some use plunger. Both work to clear the blocked drains for a while, however in a few days the same problem will persist, and thus it is beneficial to call a professional plumber.


  • Excessive tightening of the taps will help to stop leakage of water – it isn’t totally true as the tap’s valves may get damaged resulting in leakage of water.


  • Lemons are the best solution for cleaning garbage disposals. The citrus fruits cover up the odour of dirty garbage. The only way to clear disposals is by disconnecting it from the power supply and then clean them by using warm water and herbal liquid detergent.


  • It is the normal tendency for water pressure to fluctuate. It happens because there are some problems with pipes that don’t allow water to flow smoothly.


There is a misconception that all plumbers provide the right plumbing service. Actually, only well-trained and experienced plumbers assist in keeping your plumbing system functioning without any hitch.