Some of The Reasons Why You Must Switch To Reusable Bags

Producing less waste should not only be the objective of any big corporations and industries, but also for all of us. In fact, we all can contribute to reducing billions of tons of waste that are generated each year, and make changes for adopting a lifestyle that is more environmentally friendly.

We must therefore stop using plastic bags and in place of them, switch to any eco-friendly custom shopping bags offered by Custom Earth Promos, so that we all can reduce the degradation of this earth.

The following are a few good reasons why we should discard the use of plastic bags and replace them with certain eco-friendly reusable bags.

  1. Degradation

Any plastic bag that sits in a landfill will take almost 1,000 years to properly degrade, which means at least next 20 to 30 generations will be needed to get rid of them.  As they will continue to remain and break down into toxic parts, which will be very bad for our environment.

2. Environmental impact

By using plastic bags all of us are contributing to climate changes and global warming and even paper bags can be even worse as you will be cutting down trees for making them.

3. Landfills

By using plastic bags, just imagine how much space these plastic bags will take in landfills. Several cities and countries facing issues already with landfill space, and plastic bags are only adding to this problem.

4. Ecosystem

These plastic bags often fly away into many trees or animals’ homes. Also, sometimes animals may eat these bags, considering them as part of nature, which may lead to their death too.

5. Marine life

Every single year, around 100,000 marine animals die just because of plastic bags. Few of the marine life that are often most impacted are sea turtles, water birds, etc. who often may mistake them as their food and cannot escape.

6. No recycling

Rarely, all such plastic bags get recycled due to the associated cost. So, no one will be ready to waste so much money in recycling these bags, and hence they are generally thrown out.

7. Long-lasting

Any eco-friendly reusable bags will not tear for a pretty long time. Such bags are quite durable. Probably, you can use them for carrying your groceries for many years before replacing them.

8. More efficient

While checking out at any grocery store, you can quickly put all your items into your reusable bag. Even after carrying more items, they can retain their shape. You can reuse them they will efficiently work for you.

9. Comfort

While carrying any plastic bag fully loaded with your grocery items, after walking a little distance, your fingers may feel the pain when you finally reach your home. However, with reusable bags, this will not happen as they are more comfortable to carry.

10. Cleanliness

Generally, these reusable bags are quite easy to wash or you can easily wipe them down by using a damp cloth. Thus, you can keep them clean.