Similarities and Differences Between Kratom Tea and Matcha Tea

Kratom is considered a different plant compared to others. Before trying any kratom product, it is recommended to gather information about kratom. You can compare it with another natural product match or green tea. Although both products are made with dried leaves, most people think kratom is more beneficial as it has various alkaloids.

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In this article, you can learn a few similarities and differences between kratom and matcha tea, such as origin, benefits, dosage, and constituents. With this, you can know how they impact your health.

Kratom tea vs. Matcha tea


  • The scientific name of kratom is Mitragyna Speciosa that belongs to the Rubiaceae family, the same as a coffee plant. It is produced in parts of Southeast Asia such as Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia. You can find a variety of kratom extracts, and the effects of each one vary from one type to the other.
  • Green tea or matcha is made from the leaves of green tea. It is originated in China and has various stress-reducing agents.

Chemical properties

  • Kratom is a natural supplement that is used to reduce fibromyalgia pain. It contains 7-hydroxy mitragynine and mitragynine, alkaloids. They help to ease aches and muscular stress.
  • Kratom and matcha both have common traits like having beneficial element alkaloid, but the primary alkaloid of matcha tea is caffeine.


  • The traditional way of consuming kratom is, chewing the leaves, but these days you can find kratom in powder and capsule form. Either you can take it directly or add it to your tea.
  • Matcha is found in crushed powder form. You can consume it by adding it to the tea. Also, you can add it to milk. It is also used flavor to other products like noodles, ice creams, and more.


  • Lower dosage of kratom can help to boost your energy levels, but taking a higher dose creates eutrophic feelings. The ideal dosage of kratom for beginners is 0.5g – 2g, and a person can take around 3g-5g per dose depending on the tolerance.
  • An individual can consume approximately 6 cups of match tea per day that contains caffeine – 150 mg and theanine – 120mg-240mg.


  • Kratom offers numerous benefits to the users. They include getting relief from fatigue to increasing energy levels, tiredness, and more. People who take kratom claim that it is an ideal option for relaxation and enhance mood. Also, it affects various body parts and helps to ease the mind and body.
  • Matcha is the favorite of most tea drinkers. It helps to enhance focus and boost energy. Also, it has antioxidants and other beneficial compounds.

Kratoms has active alkaloids, so it can help with many health conditions, including reducing musculoskeletal pains, fibromyalgia symptoms, and others. Due to the behavior of opiate, it is not legally recommended for any medical purpose.

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