Do You Want To Find the Right Dosage For Taking CBD Oil?

CBD is quite popular around the world. However, no universal dosage exists for CBD. Finding the right dosage may not be so easy and a straightforward task. There are several factors that you need to consider for determining the right dosage so that you can get best results that you are expecting from CBD. A few of these factors include:

  • CBD strength
  • Your delivery method
  • Your bodyweight
  • Your body chemistry
  • Your severity of the condition

Besides that, cannabidiol acts in multiple ways in your body, so the experience of everyone will be quite different based on the above factors that are listed above. Vaping is considered to be the most effective method of using CBD oil or thc vape oil that you can buy from Just CBD Store.

Types of various CBD oil products

Let us first discuss your method of consuming CBD first, before we discuss what doses that you can take. How you are going to consume your CBD oil will dictate how it will get fully absorbed into the body.

So, that will mean that your recommended dosage can vary based on how you want to take your oil. The following are a few of your options:

  • Swallowed directly
  • Placing CBD drops along the gums directly and under your cheek (Sublingually)
  • By inhaling (using vape pens)
  • Applying skin cream and lotion
  • Taking edibles

You must know that vaping, smoking, and by applying patches you can get the effects very quickly. Consuming CBD oil through a drink/food product will be the slowest method.

How much CBD you must take?

  1. For vape juice

You may follow these steps to know your dose:

  • Know the CBD vape juice potency
  • Now divide your total amount (mg) by the mL to get its strength.
  • Know your vape’s liquid capacity

These 3 parameters will decide your dose for each puff you take.

  1. For flower and concentrates

If your CBD-rich flower contains 20% CBD, then 200 mg of CBD will be in each gram of flower. By vaping 0.5 g you will vape CBD approximately 100 mg. Similarly, if you are vaping 2 grams, then you will vape 200 mg CBD.

  1. For oil and tinctures

First, divide your CBD amount per bottle by the bottle size in mL. You will get the CBD amount per mL. Once you know CBD present per mL, then you will know how much quantity to take.

  1. For edibles and capsules

Most of the edibles mention the exact CBD amount per capsule or gummy. If it only mentions the total CBD amount, then just divide that with the capsule or gummy numbers per bottle.

  1. For topicals/patches

Start with the minimum amount possible, and then gradually increase till you find relief, and then you must stick with it.


As you could see that there are lots of things that may be the basis for determining the CBD dosage. The best practice can be to start always with the lowest possible dose and then slowly go up. Once with the lowest possible dosage, you get the needed effect, you must stop there.